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RED’s full permanent recruitment process is our flagship service.

RED’s Recruit Assist helps you maximise your resources with assistance processing applicants for advertised jobs, however the full recruitment process activates many more functions with a focus of creating as much interest in your advertised job as possible.

Job boards are limiting in that they only reach active candidates who happen to see the advert on that day. RED’s full recruitment process targets the passive job seeker. Research suggests 75% of the workforce would happily accept a new, better job if they knew it existed! RED utilises a range of initiatives to ensure we have as many suitable candidates active in the process.

Candidates are accessed from:

  • RED’s database
  • A plethora of online job boards
  • RED Star Finders (Referral program)
  • LinkedIn
  • RED’s networks
  • RED’s web page

RED believes a business’ success is the culmination of the performance of their people. RED’s full permanent recruitment process sources and selects people who have the capacity to perform in their role, for your business.

Our full permanent recruitment process includes:

  • Job briefing
  • Advertising campaign aimed at attracting candidates to the position
  • Search functions activated
  • Behavioural Interviewing
  • Profiling and Assessment tools
  • Reference checking
  • Client Reports
  • Candidate / Client salary negotiations

There is so much more to a full permanent recruitment service than just putting an advertisement on a job board. Enjoy the comfort of knowing you have sourced the best person for the job, not the best person who applied.

Contact one of our specialist recruiters to discuss the advantages of our full permanent recruitment process.