Safety is at the core of everything we do. Safety is not an afterthought or a matter of ticking boxes. Safety is entrenched in all aspects of our work, commencing with client engagement and followed by our rigorous recruitment, selection and induction process.

At RED Appointments, we pride ourselves on our safety record which has been achieved by being very selective in our clients and candidates. We aim to work with people who share our 'safety first' approach.

RED Appointments offers comprehensive safety inductions for all RED team members, as well as site and industry specific inductions prior to starting a new role. These inductions are developed in conjunction with industry experts to ensure the most up to date and relevant information.

Safety in the workplace is a three way partnership between RED Appointments, our clients and our contractors.

Our Safety Initiative

RED is committed to ensuring the safety of our team members as much as is possible and this requires a wide range of safety initiatives.

We keep a very high awareness every day on safety. To support our goal of zero injuries in the workplace we have different solutions incorporated into our safety management system that aim to eliminate hazards proactively.

Some of these safety initiatives are:

  • All sites are evaluated prior to any team member going on-site
  • All sites have regular safety checks
  • All team members receive regular reminders highlighting key safety messages
  • Weekly meetings are held to review our safety performance and any issues that may arise

Our OHS team forms an integral part of our recruitment service, working with employers to minimise workplace risk and conducting regular site assessments. This includes conducting an initial job analysis (to check working requirements), a physical site check, a desktop audit and assessment of results.

We also conduct an annual needs analysis whereby safety requirements are discussed. Where our clients are willing, we work collaboratively with supervisors and OHS teams to enhance safety requirements, and will customise services to align with your policies and procedures.