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Recruit Assist

Red’s approach is to partner with our clients, helping them build success, capability and scale.

Employers create their own unique recruitment solutions depending on their needs and capacity to manage the recruitment process from inception to completion. Our range of services allows you to focus on high pay-off activities by offering as much or as little support you require from our suite of services. Clients can, for example, choose to invite us to participate in an employee interview process whilst managing all other elements of the recruitment process such as advertising and candidate short-listing themselves.

Select the functions that will help you to:

  • Save significant money on recruitment costs
  • Allow staff to focus on higher payoff activities
  • Create a faster, more efficient recruitment process

Our Recruit Assist solution allows you to choose from one or more of the following suite of services that are typically involved in the recruitment process:

  • Job profiling
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate screening
  • Interviewing
  • Reference checking
  • Recruitment process admin support
  • Testing and skills assessment