A man in high visibility gear fixes a strop to a truck.

We insist that our employees share our commitment to safety. As an employee of RED Appointments, you are required to communicate any concerns, queries or suggestions you may have in regard to all areas of safety.

In accordance with the "Occupational Health and Safety Act" you are obliged to:

  • protect your own health and safety while you are at work
  • avoid effecting the health and safety of co-workers through any act or omission at work
  • obey all reasonable instructions given to you by our clients in relation to safe work practices and wearing PPE
  • comply with company policies and procedures
  • ensure you present yourself in a fit state for work each day

We are obligated to ensure you are working in a safe work environment. This requires us to be very selective about who our clients are, and to ensure they share our vision to provide the safest possible environment for all of our team members. Prior to your commencement, a management systems audit and site assessment of our client will have been completed.

We also ensure you are appropriately trained, supervised and aware of any risks associated with your work.