The Australian Agricultural & Resource Economics Society (AARES) held its 62nd annual conference this week in South Australia at the Adelaide Convention Centre. AARES is the pre-eminent society promoting research relevant to Australasia in agricultural, environmental, food, and resource economics and agribusiness Red Appointments Directors and delegates attended with a focus on renewable energy projects and the future of the clean energy industry of Australia. With figure heads from academic, government and industry sectors, the Convention has bought to light important issues for the future of Australia’s renewable energy.

What has been the upshot of the Convention? Coal and fossil fuels are a thing of the past… Companies will now struggle to get financing for a coal or fossil fuel burning plant let alone compete against growing renewable energies which become more technologically efficient and more cost efficient as time goes on. Furthermore, it has shown that dynamic companies are emerging to not just create a bottom dollar, but to enhance the security of Australia’s energy capabilities and ensure a brighter, cleaner future.

RED Appointments supports and congratulates AARES on another successful convention and for bringing together key players in the industry to collaborate and achieve a clean energy future success. As a specialist recruitment and labour hire company for the electrical and renewable energy sectors, Red Appointments is committed to the future of clean energy in Australia and growing Australian employment.

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