We have closely collaborated with each of our partners to ensure we deliver the right personnel for each job, complete with all necessary qualifications. We understand the type of individuals who succeed on-site and tailor our selection process to meet these high standards. A key differentiator for us is the assurance of quality, as we have personally worked alongside many of our teams and can vouch for their competence and reliability.

Our Commitment to Safety

A strong health and safety culture is essential for any industry. Whether you’re on a construction site, in a mining pit, or at the office, everyone deserves to work in a safe environment. Safety is more than just following rules; it's embedded in our everyday operations. From client engagement to our detailed recruitment, selection, and induction processes, we prioritise your safety first. We are proud of our safety record, which begins with a proactive approach when selecting clients and candidates who share our safety-first philosophy. We recognise that fostering a safe work environment is a collaborative effort between RED Appointments, our clients, and our contractors.

Comprehensive Safety Inductions

To ensure that all RED team members are well-prepared and aware of safety protocols, we provide comprehensive safety inductions. These inductions are tailored to be site-specific and industry-specific, developed in collaboration with industry experts to guarantee the most current and relevant information. Before stepping into any new role, our team members are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a safe working environment.

Safety Initiatives

Our proactive approach to safety is designed to eliminate hazards before they result in injuries. Here are some of the key initiatives that form the backbone of our safety management system:

  • Client Risk Assessment: Before any team member begins work on-site, RED Appointments conduct thorough site evaluations to identify and mitigate potential hazards. Once client sites have passed our assessment we will enable the commencement of work. These Client Risk Assessments are reviewed annually.
  • Regular Safety Checks: Continuous monitoring and regular safety checks ensure that our safety standards are consistently upheld.
  • Ongoing Safety Communications: Frequent communication, reminders, and updates on key safety messages ensure that safety remains a top priority for our team members.
  • Site Toolbox Talks: – In addition to client Pre-Start meetings, we conduct regular Site Toolbox Talks with our team on site to address any specific safety concerns and implement additional strategies to accommodate what’s required.
  • Dedicated OHS Team: Our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) team is integral to our recruitment services, working closely with employers to minimise workplace risks and conducting regular site assessments.

Collaborative Safety Efforts

Safety is a shared responsibility. Our annual needs analysis involves in-depth discussions about safety requirements with our clients. We collaborate with supervisors and OHS teams to enhance safety protocols and customise our services to align with client-specific policies and procedures. This partnership approach ensures that safety measures are not only implemented but also continuously improved.

The RED Safety Philosophy

At RED Appointments, our philosophy is simple: safety is at the core of everything we do. By maintaining high awareness and implementing comprehensive safety measures, we aim to achieve zero injuries in the workplace. We believe that a safe workplace is a productive workplace, and we are committed to protecting the well-being of our team members, clients, and contractors.

Our personnel are highly conscious of Workplace Health and Safety, with zero harm being our top priority on every project. To uphold our values and lay a foundation for future growth, we minimise errors by employing a process-based approach in our operations. We take pride in our reputation and recognise that our success depends on the quality of our on-site teams. Our business practices are grounded in honesty and integrity, fostering strong commitments with both our clients and our staff.

We believe our experience and passion position us as a key contributor to your company's success. Our systems and procedures are designed to deliver safer and more efficient project outcomes. Our policies are implemented by industry professionals who have served as project managers and leaders in construction. They understand the challenges of remote area work and the crucial role our personnel play in maintaining a safe and productive worksite.

Join us in our mission to prioritise safety and create a work environment where everyone can thrive. Together, we can build a safer tomorrow.