To get your foot into the door of any job, a quality resume (sometimes referred to as a curriculum vitae or CV) is a must.

There are some must-haves on any resume, to ensure you not only win the job, but also set yourself up for the best salary and conditions possible.

We have pulled together some great tips to make sure you don’t miss out on that next opportunity.

Keywords are Important

Many recruiters and hiring managers now use automated software that will scan your resume for keywords to find specific elements they are looking for. This could scan for job title, duties or the name of software and machinery you need to use.

If there are essential skills listed in the job ad description, make sure these words are included in your resume, so you don’t get overlooked.

Keep it Brief

Unless requested, try to keep your resume between one to two pages. Any more and you will risk losing the reader with unnecessary information. You can always leave out old jobs that are not relevant to your current career.

Education & Skills

Only include education that is related to your current career. No need to include primary school, TAFE or short courses that are not relevant to the job you are applying for.

Personal Info Out

Your age, marital status, religion, or nationality does not need to be included. All this information is now illegal for your employer to ask. Also, for security reasons don’t include your date of birth or full address.

People use resume writing tips to craft a strong CV.

Cover Letter

If they have asked for a cover letter, make sure you write one that includes the requested requirements.

This is also a good opportunity to sell yourself and tell the employer why you would like to work for them.


Before submitting, make sure to read the cover and resume out loud to yourself. This will spot typos and you will notice any overused words. Also give it to someone else to read. If you write it, you may make some easy to miss mistakes.

Keep it Professional

If you still have a “fun” Hotmail address from the 2000s, now is the time to update it, is always a safer option. You can always forward it to your old address, so you don’t miss any notifications.

Submission Requirements

Make sure you are following the employers’ instructions for submissions. Some hirers will only accept Word documents, so make sure you read the submission instructions in full.

First Resume or Want an Overhaul

For those new to resume writing, here is some great information from the experts at Seek Also, here is a great easy to use resume template you can download to get you started:

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