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Interview Questions Employers Need to Ask

Posted 27 April 2022

You have a pool of great candidates to interview, now how do you make sure you are choosing the one with the experience you need? Gut feeling can get you only so far, but how do you know for sure that the person sitting across from you will be the right person for the job? The problem is anyone can say how they would like to act in a hypothetical situation. However, a great candidate will have had the experience previously and be able to tell you how they overcame issues and solve the problems you need to make your business thrive. Behavioural interview techniques are a tried and tested, industry-standard method interviewers use to test applicants’ actual industry experience.

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Writing a Resume that Opens Doors - Resume Tips Part 1

Posted 21 April 2022

To get your foot into the door of any job, a quality resume (sometimes referred to as a curriculum vitae or CV) is a must. There are some must-haves on any resume, to ensure you not only win the job, but also set yourself up for the best salary and conditions possible. We have pulled together some great tips to make sure you don’t miss out on that next opportunity.

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AARES 62nd Annual Conference

Posted 13 February 2018

RED Appointments supports and congratulates AARES on another successful convention and for bringing together key players in the industry to collaborate and achieve a clean energy future success. As a specialist recruitment and labour hire company for the electrical and renewable energy sectors, Red Appointments is committed to the future of clean energy in Australia and growing Australian employment.

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ASC Conference Attendance

Posted 09 February 2018

RED Appointments supports the future of Australia’s employment through stable defence programs and contracts. Furthermore, RED Appointments is committed to supporting the men and women of Australia’s defence force with good outcomes on any project it is contributing to in the defence sector.

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RED Appointments Supports and Sponsors the Australian Subcontractors Association

Posted 24 January 2018

RED Appointments is proud to announce its membership and support of the Australian Subcontractors Association (ASA).

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RED Appointments is partnering with the NT Government

Posted 02 March 2017

The NT Government have announced RED Appointments as their recruiter for international students

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